11th June, 14:00

Exporting Our Creative Digital IP

11th June

Exporting Our Creative Digital IP

In a world that is currently shifting, and with New Zealand needing to look at how to reinvigorate its economy, what is the possible reimagining for screen as a part of the export portfolio that New Zealand offers to the world. Recently the role of digital IP has seen a resurgence in importance and attention. How can screen industry businesses across the sector embrace this change? What should the sector do to create opportunities in the COVID environment and rebuild?


Our exciting range of expert panellists will be advertised shortly

4th June

Accessing Support for your Screen Business

One of the hardest issues we face as business owners is who we can turn to for business guidance. Seeking counsel from those more experienced is essential for sustainable business growth. We have put together a panel of experts who will clarify how you can get support for your business, from quick answers to in-depth consultations, these experts will make it easier than ever to get the advice and assistance you need.

28th May


With our panel of leadership experts we explore how leaders of screen industry businesses can connect authentically with their people, and how relationships with employees and contractors can make our industry a bit more complex than other more common sectors.  Our panel of outstanding leaders will share their expertise highlighting key leadership principles and demonstrating how you can use these to successfully navigate change and challenging business environments, how to get the best out of your team and the teams you are a part of, and how to build effectiveness and resiliency within these teams.

21st May

Business Fundamentals – What you need to know to get back to business

Practical insights from banking, insurance, legal, tax and business advisory specialists, who really understand screen industry businesses. Loans, tax and depreciation changes, increased legal requirements, mortgage breaks! How does it work, what are the risks, and what is right for your company during the restart of the economy? Hear from our expert panel as they discuss how your business can get up and running, debate some of the requirements these companies have of screen businesses and each other, and look at how they can work together to offer more effective services.

14th May

Understanding the Screen Strategy 2030

Hear from some of the key members of the Screen Strategy 2030 Facilitation Group. What are the opportunities for the screen industry? How should it now work in the COVID-19 environment? How can businesses across the sector work collaboratively to make the Strategy a living breathing guide for sector growth? You will have the opportunity to ask questions of our guest speakers who were on the team who facilitated the Screen Strategy 2030

12th May

Positive stories from the front line

How have Auckland Screen Businesses been innovating to continue working during lockdown. What are they working on to prepare for the return of productions, and what possible opportunities do they identify through COVID-19.

7th May

Returning to work – health and safety on set through COVID-19

The Screen Safe Health & Safety Committee will discuss the work they have been doing in order for the screen industry to return to working on set. Our guests will introduce you to the Back-to-Production Tool Kit and give you the inside information on what we need to do to stay safe while working through COVID-19.

5th May

Producers discuss New Zealand screen sector resilience and opportunity through COVID-19

Leading local and international producers answering your questions about what they see the screen industry activity and opportunities will be through COVID-19.